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Marriage is a celebration of love, friendship, and commitment, and it is our privilege to share this journey with you.

In Hong Kong, marriage can be celebrated at a marriage registry by a Registrar or at a licensed place of worship by a competent minister. Since 2006, marriages can also be celebrated by a Civil Celebrant of Marriages. The main job of a civil celebrant of marriages is to witness a couple to become lawful husband and wife, however, not every practicing lawyer can become a civil celebrant.

To plan their wedding, grooms and brides must first determine the date, time, and location of the ceremony, as well as choose and reach out to a civil celebrant. Couple has to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage at least three months before the wedding and submit this notice to the Registrar of Marriages. Once the Registrar issues a Certificate of Registrar of Marriages, the civil celebrant can proceed with arranging the wedding ceremony.

Our Civil Celebrants of Marriages is well-versed in Hong Kong’s marriage procedures and regulations.


For more information, contact our Civil Celebrant Derek Ho to schedule a consultation and guide you through the entire marriage process in Hong Kong.